Showreel 2016

Offline Image Teaser

3d Part

Porsche Spyder Technology



Solo Project

Porsche 911 Carrera – Engine

Rigging & Animation

From Heaven to Green Hell

Particle & Texture FX


Rigging, Animation & FX

Making Of Jeep



Rigging & Animation

Audi A5

Rigging & Animation

VW Polo Webspecial

Supervision, Animation & FX

Mercedes Benz Previs


Heesen Yacht

Production Model


Production Model

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Hotel Visualisation Suite

Solo Project

Hotel Visualisation Lobby

Solo Project

Hotel Visualisation Bathroom

Solo Project



Cloth & Hair Study


Character Study


Reel Intro Animation

Vampire RnD

FX Study

Melting Teapot

VrayBlob Beta Testing

Cube 1.5 Demo

Fun with MaxScript

Tentacle Demo

Tentacle Rigging Script


Welcome to the script section. Here you can download some of my private Maxscripts. They are free to use and you sure can edit them for your own needs. After you ran the scripts you can find them in the "cgScripts" category. For feedback or support please feel free to contact me via email... have fun!

cgCam 2.8

This tool automatically generates a fully rigged camera. It includes controls for shaking & bouncing and some additional tools for managing multiple camerarigs in your scene like baking out your cameras and removing the rig to send the camera further down the pipeline. I use it a lot for doing Previs and it really sped up my workflow when layouting shots.

B-Box Selector 1.0

Let's you select objects by their local Bounding-Box volume using various conditions. It also has a little calculator so you can check the bBox volume for a single object.

QuickSelect 1.0

Let's you store objects in several slots for easier selection. The number of slots can be adjusted. Quite handy when dealing with really heavy scenes.

Cube 1.5

Funny little script that sets up boxes within a cubical grid and makes them move to the free positions. You have control over the animation timing, grid shape and you even can replace the boxes with custom geometry. It's quite fun playing around. Have a look at the quick demo in the RnD section.


Welcome and thanks for visiting my site

My name is Christian Godzik and I have been working as an 3d Artist since 2002. I started out at ScanlineVFX Munich and began freelancing in 2005. Over the years I've been working with lots of talented people on many projects for different companies like Mackevision, Pixomondo, Black Mountain and more. You can have look at my IMDB credits here.


I would describe myself as a general 3d Artist with skills in the whole production process including Modeling, Rigging, Animation, Shading, Fx, Scripting and Compositing. Over the years I've been working in almost every position from Modeler to Technical Director and I had the opportunity to work in many different fields like Commercials, Imagefilm, Automotive, Architectual Visualisation and Featurefilm. I'm also familar with a lot different software packages. Those include 3dsmax, Vray, Final Render, Thinking Particles, FumeFX, Krakatoa, Naiad, Realflow, zBrush, Photoshop, After Effects, Nuke, and Fusion. Lately I've been also working with Houdini.


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